What’s the buzz: March 2023

Third month of our year but the first month of the ancient Roman calendar c. 1200, the word March comes from the Anglo-French marche, the Old French word marz and from the Latin word Martius (mensis). Named for Mars, the Roman god of war, this was the time of year to resume military campaigns that had been interrupted by winter.

Looking for social media content or marketing activity ideas during March? Take a look below. March 2023 sees British Science Week take place. International Women’s Day, No Smoking Day, World Poetry Day and International Day of Happiness take place also. Ever lost files from your computer? World Back-Up day encourages people to back up and protect data. And World Book Day takes place too, although if you are anything like me, every day is a book day.

Week long events

Awareness days

Further information and sources

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