Hourly rate

Instructions received for ad hoc work are charged at £26 per hour. There is no obligation on either party to continue ad hoc arrangements and no termination period on either side.  This is also a good option if you need help with a project for which it is difficult to assess the time needed before work commences.

Retainer rate

For people requiring ongoing support who wish to have guaranteed time in my calendar, a retainer rate of £25 per hour is available.  If you opt for the retainer rate, your work is prioritised and you can purchase additional hours if needed, with the additional hours being charged at the hourly rate.  Clients are invoiced monthly in advance at the beginning of each month and a timesheet is provided to show how the hours have been worked. You will be advised when you get close to your hours and asked how you want to proceed. 

Retainer rates offer stability for both parties, as the price is set and paid upfront and clients benefit from a fixed price to budget for and set aside each month. For clients requiring a retainer rate there is a termination period for both parties and clients are required to sign a client agreement. Payment must be made upfront by bank transfer. 

If you can’t see a rate to suit you, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and for a pricing package to best suits your needs.

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