Creating and formatting documents for example letters, reports, agendas, invoices, quotations, price lists, CVs, press releases, contracts of employment and basic spreadsheets. Documents can be created from printed/typed text, from legible handwritten documents or from audio recordings/transcripts.


Creating and implementing administrative systems, making appointments, arranging meetings and proofreading/sense checking documents. 


Research can be undertaken on any subject of your choice for example finding the best price for a product or service, competitor research, market research, researching meeting spaces and venues.

Email management

Organising, archiving and de-cluttering inboxes and responding to emails, either as a one off project or as ongoing support.

Social media

Creating and updating social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), writing and publishing social media posts including sourcing images and keyword  research and replying to messages and comments.

Website reviews

Proofreading websites, checking information is up to date, spell checking and broken link checking, advising on how the customer journey can be improved, reporting back and making changes if required.

Blog writing and creation

Blogs can be created using WordPress or Blogger. If writing isn’t your thing or you don’t have the time to write, provide me with a topic and I can write for you.

If you can’t see the service you require please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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