Year in review 2022

To end 2022 I have pulled together a roundup of blog posts. In my blogs I write about the services I provide as a virtual assistant, things I need to know about for my work and training and development I have undertaken. I also write about topics my clients ask me about, to hopefully make the brave new digital world that we find ourselves in a little less scary. Take a look below at the year in review.

Colour website sketches.

How to keep your website looking good
First impressions really do count with websites. Learn how to keep your website looking good in this blog.

The Bayswater Omnibus by George William Joy.

Understanding the difference between marketing and branding
What is marketing and what is branding. This blog post explains how they are different and how they work alongside one another.

Chess pieces on a chess board.

How to write a marketing strategy
Much like a game of chess, marketing strategy is concerned with evaluation, positioning, control of key areas and setting goals but where do you begin with writing one?

Illustration of woman working at computer.

Digital marketing student
In November 2022 I enrolled on a Digital Marketing boot camp. Learn how I got on in this blog post.

Illustration of an office space.

Tools of the trade
As a virtual assistant I am called on to use many organisational tools in my work. In this blog post I write about some of the tools of my trade that make my work a little easier. 

Illustration of different colour people forming a wheel shape.

Online abuse and its impacts
Online abuse is any type of behaviour that is intimidating or violent online, whether that be hate speech, targeting marginalised communities, racism or sexism. Learn more in this blog. 

Authenticity at work
The word authenticity has traditionally been applied to documents, works of art or antiques, however in recent years the the word has also been applied to people. Learn more about what it means to be authentic in this blog.

From the Romans to social media, the hash sign has an interesting history. The little symbol that looks like a noughts and crosses board has a multitude of names and throughout history has been used as the Latin for pound, on the telephone for connecting to computer systems and most recently on social media.

Books and light bulbs.

Lifelong learning
As a Virtual Assistant I do not attend a workplace every day and so do not have access to training and development through an employer but I have been trying to make time to continue learning, by undertaking training courses and attending webinars. Learn more in this blog post.

Hieroglyphs on stela in Louvre, circa 1321 BC.

A history of transcription
This year I have undertaken work listening to audio recordings and correcting the digital transcripts for a client, which inspired this blog post about the history of transcription.

Real reused, recycled, re-purposed kitchen pot and cup for succulents, alternative to plastic pots.

Make do and mend: how to re-purpose blog posts
Repurposing is using something for a different purpose than the one originally intended.  In this blog learn how you to re-purpose blogs so you don’t have to be constantly creating new content.

Frustrated looking Lego man sat at desk with computer.

Managing emails
While having a completely empty inbox is unrealistic, there are things we can all do to keep our inboxes organised. In this blog I share my tops tips for keeping on top of unruly emails. 

Balancing act
Achieving a healthy work life balance is difficult. In this blog I share some of my ideas for getting the balance right.

Online scammer reaching to steal money out of a pocket of a naive internet user.

Employment scams
A recent survey found that more than 67% of people now look for work online but are unaware of the growing number of ‘fake jobs’ or ‘job scams’ with over 700,000 jobseekers reporting losing more than £500,000 through job scams. Read this blog post to learn how to spot the signs and stay safe.

Teamwork and planning concept with businesspeople performing various activities around a monthly calendar below a wall clock for business agendas and schedules, vector illustration

Why your business needs a social media calendar
As the year comes to an end, now is a good time to begin thinking about creating a social media calendar for the coming year but if the thought of doing so fills you with fear read on.

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